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SOURCES OF HEART HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS.  This site gets no cut from any of the commercial links below.  There are many others in North America, few in Europe and elsewhere.  Most are incomplete or of poor value but all are better than nothing.  Below are some of the best vitamin supplements I found.  Avoid the hype that infiltrates vitamin and supplement sales.  2 sample labels with comments at the bottom of Vitamins +.  In a store, ask for "THE INTERNET PRICE" and great savings may be had.

U.S. Health-food store Daily One CapsIn my opinion, this is world's best multi for the price partially because of the included 200 mcg selenium & 200 mcg chromium.  I'd take "no-iron" unless the need is doctor diagnosed or probable.  Most B's start at the 25 mg; B12 100 mcg [great], folic acid 800 mcg [good], beta carotene 10,000 IU [take no more], natural d type E 100 IU [a deal], C at 150 mg [good start]; zinc 15 mg, manganese 5 mg and copper 2 mg; also iodine and 400 IU D [vital], and some other good stuff.  You might add: E -about 200 or 400 IU every other day; 'mixed' tocopherols are best, otherwise d type, and probably some C and certainly a 'calcium / magnesium +D3' supplement [and CoQ10 if heart failure is a concern or are on a 'statin' drug].  Most vitamins are best taken near end of your largest meal.  Fish oil stays down best taken early in a meal.  If you know of a similarly priced product in your area that is as complete, please e-mail.

VERY CHEAP [$36.00 per 216, 16¢/day] Twinlab DAILY ONE CAPS here VitaCost.com.   In my case, they instantly replaced a wrong item at no charge.  When on a statin drug, this VitaCost multivitamin is obligatory and cheapest since it has an amount of CoQ10 likely to offset the CoQ10 reduction by statins such as Lipitor and CrestorSwanson.com also has a high quality multivitamin.  Cheap good basic package: Costco Kirkland Mature Multi.   U.S. Dollar General: cheap "DG 50+" supplement like Centrum Silver.

Mail-order world wide: Bronson 1-800-235-3200 or +1-801-756-5670.  Product: #93, a cheap no-iron no frill multivitamin, however, low in selenium.  Also good is their C, #49, calcium/ magnesium #111, and selenium, #88.  Their best vitamin E is #71 and CoQ10 is #342 -chewed with fatty food; always expensive.  Also: Nutrition Warehouse 1-800-645-2929.  Their multi #1122 or #1123 seems good; add selenium #1068, calcium/magnesium, C and E #1103.  NOW has cheap C.  U.K.: consider PatrickHolford and in Australia: GoldenGlow's Super One-A-Day.  Cheap 1x/month 50,000 vitamin D3; betaine.  Niacin: LEF's 1/2 gr pills (convenient) or bulk at PureBulk or HerbStoreUSA.

CarlsonLabs.com's Super 2 Daily is the Cadillac of multis; not the cheapest but very complete, including fish oil and excellent amounts of C, E, selenium and more (no iron).  Here's their Super 1 Daily.  Any company with the integrity NOT to sell Ester-C deserves a special mention; they seem to put their customer's health up front.

Canada's best: Nu-Life has some superb multis; find stores in U.S & Canada: tel (866) 583 0646 or/for "Ultimate" (best: 50+) formula.  Next best is: Kirkland 'Forte Senior' at Costco.
Canadian : Jamieson: Super VitaVim (info: most B's at the 30 mg level -9¢US/day; you may want to add 200 mcg selenium, some magnesium and possibly CoQ10 -mail orders to non Canadians only.
Canadian : Swiss: Super Swiss One "50" (too much iron, no selenium but most B's at 50 mg -product 169003)- or "Vege", no iron and zero [!] selenium -product 153302.


If you want to 'improve' your cholesterol profile: NIACIN (mega-dose vitamin B3) after meals. Lowers: 1. "bad" LDL-cholesterol; 2. triglycerides; 3. fibrinogen; 4. Lp(a).  It uniquely raises good HDL-cholesterol.  There is a shown benefit on heart disease and overall mortality.  Study use & use medical follow-up (per day: 3 to 6 pills of 1/2 g each).  There are 2 effective kinds: pure = safe, very effective, very cheap ($50/kg at LEF.org) but for about the 1st week causes a brief harmless but impressive hot-flush (less if taken 15-30 minutes after a meal) and timed release = possibly safe, less flushing.  Raising the 'good' cholesterol (protein) with exercise and moderate alcohol -combination therapy: running from bar to bar- or with a drug-dose niacin is clearly more important than lowering the 'bad'. Consumer Reports 3-1996: "Niacin.  This vitamin is the cheapest and often most effective cholesterol lowering drug."  In fact it is by far the most effective HDL raising 'drug', the one 'risk factor' in the cholesterol department in women and elderly, if not in men, but it must be taken with a multivitamin also.

To fight colds, flu & infections: High dose vitamin C (4 - 20 grams or more).  You will still catch colds but you will probably remain mobile and certainly be better faster.  Also anti-cancer link at higher doses of C, selenium, CoQ10 (about 100- 350 mg), lots of carotenoid containing foods, beets and vegetarianism; study use.

To improve special conditions: In some cases higher than suggested doses of some of the B vitamins may be beneficial.      Nov. 12, 2017.

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