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Here's a little info about Eddie Vos, the man behind

I am a 75 year old forensic investigator (M. Eng.) with no sign of the diseases I write about.  Close to Montreal, I determine the causes of technical failures.  I find the physical evidence and add it up in a report.  More important forensics, however, focuses on "age-related diseases", some that popped-up in the last century, for example why arteries corrode and fail.  After all, arteries are pipes and the heart is a pump.

Growing up in Holland, my first English book was The Origin of Life by Russian scientist A.I. Oparin.  I got a biochemistry scolarship but chose material sciences engineering, so a long-term fascination about how-life-works was born.  Now my reading is from my large library, from journals and from sites like Medline, anyone's free internet medical library or consumer info.

We all deserve a scientific interest so this site is a model-train of sorts and to keep it on-track and independent, it will not generate money from the mentioned approaches.  Medical or dietetic associations, drug or food companies can't sanction me, so I am free to follow unadvertised and less traveled tracks, if that is where the science goes.

The reward from this hobby is in meeting and corresponding with some of the remarkable people in the field, from lay-people to icons, in following the science and attending relevant conferences.  I contributed to over 25 references on Medline.

The responsibility of running this website is that it can affect people's health.  I answer all e-mail and while careful to indicate I'm not a doctor and while supplements cause about 1 million times fewer premature deaths than drugs, some nutrients can act like them or change their action.  With people taking increasing amounts of drugs, it is evident, for example, that people on blood thinners shouldn't overdose on fish-oil or vitamin E and there are some other drug-nutrient interactions.

The concept behind the site, the age-old "let foods be your medicine", is based on the fact that all diseases may be helped, caused or made worse by nutrition.  You are what you ate, and become what you don't eat -deficient and ill.  A well balanced diet will not get you all the nutrients you need is a reality confirmed by almost every issue of the Journals I read.  Only a multivitamin lowers the universal toxin we all make, homocysteine, and that is linked to stroke, heart disease, macular degeneration, bone fracture, Alzheimer's, etc., diseases where drugs (logically) generally fail in prevention, and in cure.   I would not think going a single day without a multi -- the ONLY way to lower homocysteine, the "universal body corrosive".  Cheap and sure.

I've never had a regular doctor, fry my eggs in butter and take my daily no-iron Twinlabs multivitamin and a few other supplements, including magnesium + extra D3 [total 4000 IU/day], a few grams of C and betaine [B14].  I keep up my omega-3's [flax or canola + 1 fish-oil pill] and avoid hydrogenated or deep fried foods and most commercial cereals.  Yes, it's easy to not get enough fruits and vegetables but as the Lipitor ad on U.S. TV said: "no body is perfect."

I hope this website serves you well.  I take responsibility for the site and I extend my appreciation to many others having contributed.    Publications:

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